Move Advice

  • Do not overfill the crates – make sure you can shut the lids on crates when they are full, and if the lid does not shut properly use another as overfilled crates cannot be stacked, will take up more space in the removal van and on your office floor, and there is also a chance of items inside being crushed; crates should not weigh more than 25kg in line with our Health and Safety recommendations (please remember paper weighs more than most desk contents);
  • If you wish crates to be secure, please order security seals with your crates – do not use tape of any sort to seal a crate;
  • Place the first empty crate in the position you wish to leave the stack, and when it is filled flip over its lid and place the next empty crate on top before filling – in the interest of Health and Safety do not stack the full crates more than 4 high;
  • Leave boxed stationery outside the crates as it will be put into cages;
  • Refrain from emptying filing cabinets as these can generally be moved full, unless a representative advises otherwise;
  • Protect delicate items inside the crate with bubble wrap and clearly mark the crate as “fragile”;
  • Place labels provided on the end of the crate in the indicated area only- do not use mailing labels or stick pieces of paper to the crates;
  • Check the numbers of crates delivered and collected to avoid charges to your department or company for lost or missing crates – you will be asked to sign at the time of the delivery and collection of crates;
  • Do not put crates on top of desks as they will scratch & do not use crates for moving building materials such as concrete.