About us


November 13th, 2011

New web page design

We replaced our ex-web design (launched in 2008 that generated over 5,000 visits) with the new more consumer-interactive one that enables potential customers & business partners to generate more detailed information about our services and expertise. It also offers easy to use online services as ordering packing materials, booking a surveyor visit, requesting a call back, etc…

November 13th, 2011

Order packing materials online

We are introducing our new easy to use online service – order packing materials online. It allows you: to choose from the range of packing & wrapping materials including moving kits; to arrange your preferred delivery date & time; to choose the most convenient payment option. And it all can now be done online with no phone calls, no e-mails, and no fuss. Simply enter the number of packing materials required on our online order form, fill in your contact details and delivery address and the delivery is on your way.

May 16th, 2011

Crate hire

Reduce your carbon footprint – rent reusable plastic crated from us. It is easier to use, cheaper & more environmentally friendly your commercial or residential move solution comparing with traditional cardboard boxes.
Do you know that?
– Cardboard packaging materials accounts for one third of our landfill waste
– Compared to corrugated boxes, reusable plastic containers:
• Require 39 percent less total energy to produce. *
• Produce 95 percent less total solid waste. *
• Generate 29 percent less total greenhouse gas emissions.*
– Finally, using plastic crates reduces the number of truckloads necessary for your move, the number of trucks on the road and the amount of fuel burned – resulting in lower overall costs to you and carbon emissions from your move.

* According to recent study commissioned by the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition.